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Wedding Makeup for Your Skin Type: Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, and Aging

Wedding Makeup for Your Skin Type: Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, and Aging

Today’s world inundates us with thousands of beauty products every day. Everywhere you look, you’ll see products claiming to improve various skin complaints or to enhance certain features. With all this mass production, it can be a bit overwhelming to narrow down a list of products that you’ll actually want to purchase to wear on your wedding day.

Have you ever just wanted to learn specifically what types of makeup will work best for your unique skin type?

Most people’s skin falls into one or more of these five main skin categories: Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, and Aging. It turns out that knowing your skin type is the first step to choosing effective makeup products that will give you the look you want to achieve without causing irritation. The next step is to find out which makeup products work best on your personal skin type.

We sat down with professional makeup artist, Vanessa Perez, to get her personalized wedding makeup recommendations for each of the five skin types. If you know you have oily skin, you can watch Vanessa’s video specifically geared towards makeup for oily skin, and so on. Even if you don’t have an upcoming wedding, these makeup tips can help you find products that work well with your skin for any occasion that’s an excuse to use makeup.

We hope that these videos take some of the mystery out of choosing makeup that will complement your skin type, but if you have any further questions after watching, you can always make an appointment with a dermatologist to learn more about your skin type and what skin care products and services will be most effective. During the month of May, you can also take 25% off all SkinCeuticals products with the code SKINCARE, so you can save on some of the products mentioned in the videos. Enjoy!

Makeup Tips for Your Skin Type

Click the links below to watch the video for your skin type:

Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Combination Skin

Sensitive Skin

Aging Skin

Have questions about your skin type? Our dermatologists would love to help you determine a skin care routine that is perfect for your unique skin challenges. Call us today at 281-333-DERM (3376) to book an appointment!

We’d also love to hear from you if these videos were helpful! Leave us a comment letting us know what you think.

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