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Travel Skincare: How to take care of your skin while on summer vacation

It’s travel season and we are taking a wild guess on the fact that you will be traveling.

A vacation doesn’t mean you should throw your skin care routine to the wind.

Yes, we know you will not have all the luxuries of home; however there are simple steps you can take to make sure your skin is getting all the TLC it needs on vacation.

How to take care of your skin on summer vacation

Take travel sizes

If you will be traveling by plane, the TSA will not allow you to carry full-sized bottles of your skincare products.

Don’t risk your precious products being confiscated.

You can purchase the appropriately sized travel containers at your favorite retailer and use those instead.

A good way to gauge how much skin care product you will need is to think about how much you use per day and then multiply that by the number of days you will be on your journey.

Add in a little extra for say 2 or 3 more days just in case.

This way you can have your favorite skin care products with you on your trip and you won’t miss a beat when it comes to taking care of your skin.

The simple 3-step process to taking care of your skin while traveling


Washing your face with water and a cleanser should be enough to get rid of dead skin cells, sweat and oils that clog your pores.

If you’re going to be by the ocean, it is not uncommon to also get salt on your face while on vacation.

This can damage your skin over time. Washing your face will get rid of salt deposits as well.

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It’s always helpful to moisturize after you’ve washed your face.

This helps to lock in the moisture so you can have fresh and supple-looking skin all day long.

Moisturizing your face also reduces dryness and in turn decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

If you are vacationing in a geographical area, this is a tip to take special note of.



Keep those UV rays from doing damage to your beautiful skin.

Use your sunscreen after you’ve washed and moisturized.

Preventing sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer are three major reasons why you should wear sunscreen on your vacation this summer.

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Give your skin some extra love

Now, we know we said your travel skin care was a simple 3-step process.

However, we wanted to throw this here as well.

Your vacation time is that time when you’re investing in your own self-care and relaxation.

So what better way to care for yourself than going a little beyond your regular skin care routine?

Here are a few extra ways to love your skin on vacation:

Going on vacation this summer doesn’t mean your skin care goes out of the window.

These tips will keep your skin healthy and happy while you vacation this summer.

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