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Kybella with Dr. Sra

Have you been thinking of trying Kybella? Check out this video (full transcription below).


Nicki: So for all of you guys out there wondering what we do at work, this is what we do. We doodle on each other. Doodle on each other. Actually, what Carr’s doing. Carr’s actually doing, I want to say…what is it Carr?

Carr: I’m marking the area.

Nicki: Okay.

Carr: Right now, I’m looking for where her mandible bone is because we don’t want to inject there.

Nicki: Right.

Carr: And now I’m looking…okay.

Nicki: And for those that would ask, why don’t you want to…what could be some problems that could…

Nicki: And so what is this step, Carr?

Carr: This is the dot grid to help us determine where we’re going to inject.

Nicki: Okay. And can you explain to me exactly what Kybella is for?

Dr. Sra: So, Kybella is good for submental fullness and what that means is just kind of excess fullness right here, underneath the chin area. Chelsey’s actually a great candidate for it. What we’ve done is marked her. So this kind of tells us where we’re going to be injecting. We want to try to stay away from any major nerves in the area, so that’s where we have a little bit of this injecting pattern. The dots just tell me where I’m going to actually inject the medication and then the rest of this, we can actually clean that up because it’s not going to be relevant. So this kind of gives me a guide point of where I’m going to go inject, but for the most part, even just looking at Chelsey, especially when she’s sitting up, it’s pretty easy to see where we’re going to inject the medicine. Once we’re done, she’s going to see that she has a little bit more fullness in the area and that’s normal. That can last from anywhere to a week and sometimes up to two weeks as well too.

Nicki: And that’s the swelling after the injection?

Dr. Sra: Correct. First we’re going to numb her so she doesn’t feel the burning part for the Kybella injections and then we’ll start with the Kybella injections as well. All right, Chelsey, you ready?

Chelsey: Mm-hm.

Dr. Sra: So the good thing about the anesthetic is that it pretty much sets in right away.

Chelsey: Do you feel anything, Chelsey?

Chelsey: I don’t.

Nicki: And this is something that you do for every patient correct?

Dr. Sra: Yes. The medicine itself will burn quite a bit, so hence the point behind doing the anesthetics. And once we start injecting her, most of that burning goes away. How are you feeling, Chelsey?

Chelsey: Good.

Nicki: So when would you say you would actually start seeing results after the Kybella injection?

Dr. Sra: Usually it can take up to a month, sometimes it can go up to three months to see the results, but for Chelsey, what we’ll probably do is another session actually in a month, and then that will help us get her better results because most people need at least on average two treatments.

Nicki: Okay.

Dr. Sra: Okay. You ready, Chelsey?

Chelsey: Mm-hm.

Dr. Sra: If anything burns let me know and I’ll put more anesthetic in, okay?

Nicki: And this is the Kybella injection correct?

Dr. Sra: This is.

Nicki: Awesome.

Dr. Sra: This is super easy…

Dr. Sra: I’m sure in the coming months to coming years, we’re going to find we’re going to be using it for other areas other than just the chin.

Chelsey: And so this is the second syringe?

Dr. Sra: Correct. So, usually most patients will use two vials, which is four syringes.

Chelsey: Okay.

Dr. Sra: So she’s not…

Dr. Sra: How are you doing, Chelsey?

Chelsey: Good.

Dr. Sra: Last Kybella. We’re done.

Nicki: Wow.

Chelsey: That wasn’t bad at all.

Dr. Sra: It’s super easy. Now we’re going to get her cleaned up and then hopefully in a month, we can show you pictures on what she looks like from before and after, right, Chelsey?

Chelsey: Mm-hm.

Nicki: So, other than swelling, what should she look out for?

Dr. Sra: Swelling’s going to be the biggest thing. She may have a little bit of bruising, especially from the anesthetic that we put in, but other than that, she should be good.

Chelsey: That wasn’t bad.

Nicki: At all. You did good.

Chelsey: Thank you.

Dr. Sra: Chelsey was the perfect client to get the injections.

Nicki: We kind of cheated, didn’t we Chelsey?

Dr. Sra: All right. Well let’s get you cleaned up and we’ll get you out of here. Okay.

Chelsey: Thank you.

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