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How Much Do You Know About Houston Skin’s Dermatologist, Dr. Donna Tran?

How Much Do You Know About Houston Skin’s Dermatologist, Dr. Donna Tran?

For those of you who haven’t met her yet, we want to introduce you to another one of our new dermatologists Dr. Donna Tran, DO!

Last month, we introduced you to our new dermatologist, Dr. Connie Wang. Thank you all for giving her such a warm welcome to Houston Skin Associates and Adara Medical Spa. We know you’ll do the same for Dr. Tran this month!

Dr. Tran received her medical degree from the University of North Texas before going on to complete her dermatology residence at the Western University of Health Sciences in Orange County, California, where she was elected to serve as Chief Resident. She is highly skilled at several of our cutting-edge cosmetic procedures, and enjoys traveling to impoverished nations of the world to put her medical expertise to work for the good of the community. She’s excited to be practicing in Houston with us now, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her!

Exclusive September Specials with Dr. Tran

To give you a better opportunity to get to know her, we’re offering exclusive specials that apply if you book an appointment with Dr. Tran during the month of September.

Book an Appointment with Dr. Tran and Save

To help welcome Dr. Tran to Houston Skin Associates and Adara Medical Spa, we’re offering specials on fillers and Botox when you book an appointment with her this September! Call us at 281-333-DERM (3376) to book our buy one get one half off fillers deal or our buy 20 units of Botox, get 10 free (a $140 value) deal with Dr. Tran.

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Q & A with Dr. Tran

Q & A with Dr. Tran

Not sure what to ask your dermatologist at your next appointment? We’ve asked Dr. Tran some common questions that are important to ask so that you get the most out of your trip to Houston Skin Associates or Adara Medical Spa:

How can I slow down the signs of aging?

Optimizing your skin care regimen and using various cosmetic procedures can enhance the appearance of your skin and slow down the signs of aging. The approach to anti-aging in those that are in their 20’s and 30’s varies from those in their 50’s and 60’s. I advise seeing your board certified dermatologist for a customized anti-aging regimen.

What products do you recommend to keep my skin looking great between appointments?

The basics of my skincare routine is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, moisturizer, and retinoid. I add an antioxidant for enhanced protection against ultraviolet radiation and environment stressors. Additional daily skin-care tips include wiping makeup off every night and cleaning my cell phone often.

How often should I be exfoliating?

Since I have sensitive atopic skin, I exfoliate once a week. For those with excess oil or clogged pores, I advise exfoliating twice or maximum three times a week.

Is my diet affecting my skin? What foods should I avoid?

Hydration is vital as well as eating a diet packed with brightly-colored fruits and vegetables for glowing skin such as avocados, leafy greens, and tomatoes.

What’s the best moisturizer for my skin type?

I personally use CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for sensitive, atopic skin. For those with acne prone skin, look for products that say non-comedogenic. The Houston Skin Online Store also has a selection of amazing moisturizers that are dermatologist-recommended.

How can I treat discoloration?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be very frustrating and can be caused by a variety of factors. The most important step to prevention is to address the underlying causes of inflammation. Sun protection and minimizing further irritation to the area is key. Many treatment options exist including topical medications, chemical peels, and lasers

Do any of the medications I take increase my risk of sunburn?

Many medications can cause slight phototoxicity and photosensitivity including antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sulfonamides to name a few. I recommend checking in with your doctor to check if any of your medications can cause a skin rash in the sun.

Offering Specials when You Book with Dr. Tran this Month!

Like we mentioned earlier, we’re welcoming Dr. Tran by offering some specials when you book your next filler or Botox appointment with her during the month of September. This month, buy one get one half off fillers or buy 20 units of Botox, get 10 free (a $140 value) with Dr. Tran.

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