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August Roundup: 6 Reads to Help You Build a Skin Care Routine

August Roundup: 6 Reads to Help You Build a Skin Care Routine

If you’re like us, you’ve gotten seriously lost browsing skin care articles on the internet.

A simple Google search of “skin care routine” yields a whopping 5,280,000 results. There’s just not enough time in the day to deal with that. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of searching for that needle in the Google search haystack, don’t bother. We’ve narrowed down the list for you.

6 Reads to Help You Build a Skin Care Routine:

The Best Innovations in Self-Tanner Right Now

Even if you know tanning in the sun is bad for your health, it can be hard to avoid the temptation. The alternative is to be walking around with winter-pale skin all summer, right? Wrong!

Self-tanners can help you achieve a sun-kissed glow that will make you want to pull out your shorts this summer. Since there are a lot of options out there, Refinery 29’s article can help you find one that will work well with your skin type and budget.

The 6 Mistakes You Make While Cleansing

Before you brush off this article, scoffing that you already know how to wash your face, allow us to explain. Everyone needs to wash their face, whether you’re a skin care and makeup junkie or the ultimate beauty minimalist. The mistakes in this article often occur with the best of intentions – i.e. using only a pea-sized amount of cleanser or using too many products.

If you’ve noticed acne or your skin has felt more oily or dry lately, these may be signs that your facial cleansing may be less effective than it could be. Read this article by Into the Gloss to brush up on some ways you can up your facial cleansing game.

My Morning Skin Care Routine: How to Layer Your Products

“How to layer skin care products” is a very common question we hear. With so many products out there (and in our Online Store), how do you know which order they should be applied in or which should be the closest to your skin? This blog will help you know which products to reach for first when you open the drawer filled with your skin care products.

8 Simple Skin Care Products for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Makeup

If you’d prefer to invest in the health of your skin itself rather than beauty-enhancing makeup products, you might be a makeup minimalist. We don’t blame you! Whether you’re hoping to pare down your makeup routine to let your natural beauty shine through, or you already wear minimal makeup and want to ensure your skin is clear and smooth while it’s on display, this article is for you.

The Truth About Water Being an Ingredient in Your Skin Care Products

Every wonder why water is a main ingredient in some skin care products? It’s true that as counterintuitive as it is, water in products can actually be very drying on your skin. However, there are some skin care ingredients that work best when combined with water, so you shouldn’t rule skin care products with water completely out of your routine.

If you’re looking for the bottom line on whether or not you should avoid skin care products with water as their main ingredient, read this article by The Klog.

These Eye Creams Are Like Coffee For Your Face

This article had us hooked at “these eye creams are like coffee for your face.” Who doesn’t like coffee?

Eye creams reduce under-eye puffiness and darkness to help you look more awake, and they contain powerful anti-aging properties. But they’re not all created equal. Take an expert’s word for the best “miracle-working” eye creams on the market before you buy. This Refinery 29 article does the heavy lifting for you and narrows down the options to only the best.

The Best of August

We hope you’ve liked our picks and learned something new to incorporate into your skin care routine. Our advice is to find the regimen and products that work well for your skin type and stick with it. And we’re here to help if you need us. Your skin will thank you!

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